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What no deposit bonuses have the casino reserved for its players in 2017

Well, who from online casino visitors does not like bonuses, which are given without any attachments? This is a fairly common type of incentives that players will continue to enjoy with pleasure. But will not they always give the same lackeys, in the end? It is rumored that in the upcoming 2017 a number of innovations are planned for free bonuses, but what exactly these gifts will be, is not yet clear. From what is known at the moment, you can still conclude that the pre-existing bonuses will be significantly increased in volume. Certainly, something new gambling online institutions will present - we do not have long to wait, we'll see.

More than 2000 rubles just for signing up

Of the possible future transformations for 2017 no deposit casino bonus, the most frequently mentioned incentives are over 2000 rubles for creating an account and confirming the account. This sounds pretty tempting and not as fantastic as some other user theories, like cashback to 40%. The most surprising thing is that with the promised increase in the no deposit bonus, the odds are expected to remain within the range of x20-x40.

In addition, they promise more so-called composite bonuses - when you get a reward not only in the form of money, but also free spins in addition. If earlier such gifts were only found in a couple of establishments, now most of the clubs will include "welded" bonuses in their loyalty program. Well, as they say: we will live - we will see, and since 2017 is already around the corner, it's not long to wait.