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Get no deposit bonuses in online casinos for activation of bonus codes

Have you ever played in a real casino? Remember to give there some bonuses just like that? Just for the fact that you came? No? Well, in online schools such practice has long been practiced, therefore, virtual gambling halls are visited daily by thousands of players. We are talking about the so-called no deposit bonuses, which are given to visitors either immediately after registration on the site, or for the performance of some simple condition. Often this is the introduction of a special promotional code. Thus it is not necessary to do absolutely any monetary investments - not a penny. And since you have already begun to feel some kind of trick, then let's consider getting free promotions in the casino in more detail.

And where can I get this bonus code?

To get a special code that activates bonuses, you do not need to pass a test chain and be a good administrator. Depending on the conditions of the loyalty program chosen by you casino, the necessary figures can be provided already at the registration stage. After the account creation procedure is complete, you will only have to enter, as a rule, a four-digit number, which can contain letters. Then check your bonus account - it will wait for you a pleasant surprise.

In other cases, the bonus code is simply sent to e-mail, so check all the boxes, in particular Spam. Some no deposit casino codes have a limited validity, so do not neglect the notifications from the gambling club on your e-mail. If such a code distribution is practiced, then do not be surprised if after creating the account, you did not immediately receive anything. The fact is that the promotional numbers are part of the bonus program, which provides for their sending once a week, for example. In any case, you will certainly be notified of sending such a unique key to the gift.

Differences between coupons from codes

In the online casino, in addition to promo-codes, there are also special coupons and these two types of bonus offers should not be confused. Unlike codes, coupons are used repeatedly and are given only for the commission of a certain amount of the deposit. Moreover, coupons are provided mainly for high rollers - players making large bets. But in the case of ordinary promo-numbers, there are no such restrictions. In fact, coupons are in some way a bonus "subscription", which you buy for a fixed period.

As for the types of incentives, then the difference is only in the size of the bonuses themselves. In coupons, they are correspondingly larger, but let's not forget that these "tickets" are purchased for money. Well, if you say from no-deposit option, then for activation of the prize number you will receive:

  • Up to 30 free spins in gaming machines.
  • 500 points - they can then be exchanged for real money or used for bets.
  • $ 20-30 to your personal account in the casino.

Coefficients of wagering, acting on gifts for no deposit bonus codes, each casino has its own. The values ​​of the wager on average fluctuate from x30 to x45, depending not only on the policy of the gambling establishment, but also on the type of bonuses. Choose a casino with the most loyal and profitable conditions for obtaining no deposit bonuses.